Spectrum Chamber Music Society continues our season with a livestream-only event on Monday October 26 at 7:30pm

Beethoven’s Birthday Bash—Monday October 26, 2020 at 7:30pmCDT

Watch the livestream of this program on any of the following platforms:
—Spectrum Chamber Music Society website livestream page

—Spectrum Chamber Music Society YouTube channel*
—Spectrum Chamber Music Society Facebook page*
—First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church YouTube channel*
—First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church Facebook page*
* Please be aware that, due to increased policing of potentially copyrighted material—of which there is none on this concert—there may be interruptions to the livestreams on YouTube and Facebook. The chances are relatively small, but they exist, so we wanted to warn you in advance. If it happens, come back to this page and try a different stream.
(If you want to know how Dan REALLY feels about it, check out the Spectrum Notes blog.)

Just because we aren’t inviting a live audience to our concerts doesn’t mean you can’t still be there. How is that possible? Find out here.