Monday October 26, 2020

Beethoven’s Birthday Bash
A Livestream-Only Event
Monday October 26, 2020 at 7:30pm


Watch the livestream on any of the following platforms:
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* Please be aware that, due to increased policing of potentially copyrighted material—of which there is none on this concert—there may be interruptions to the livestreams on YouTube and Facebook. The chances are relatively small, but they exist, so we wanted to warn you in advance. If it happens, come back to this page and try a different stream. (And if you want to know how Dan REALLY feels about this subject, check out the Spectrum Notes blog.)


Ludwig van Beethoven: Duet (With Two Obbligato Eyeglasses) for Viola and Cello, WoO 32

Dmitry Kustanovich, viola
Keira Fullerton, cello

Beethoven: Septet for Winds and Strings in Eb Major, Op. 20

Ivan Petruzziello, clarinet
Kelly Cornell, horn
Cara Owens, bassoon
Steven Li, violin
Daniel Sigale, viola
Deborah Brooks, cello
William Clay, bass

Perhaps you’ve heard: It’s the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer to beat all composers: Ludwig van Beethoven. Ensembles across the country are marking the occasion, and Spectrum will join in the festivities with an all-Beethoven, all-FWSO-musician party.

We will start with the Duet (With Two Obbligato Eyeglasses) for Viola and Cello, WoO 32, a short, virtuosic piece believed to be written for a baron who was not only a close friend of his, but also an accomplished cellist in his own right. The premier performance is said to have featured Beethoven, himself, performing the viola. Our duo for this concert is made up of two fantastic FWSO musicians: Violist Dmitry Kustanovich and Associate Principal Cellist Keira Fullerton. The humorous title refers to the fact that both performers wore spectacles, and today, performers usually pay homage to the name by…well, we’re sure you can guess how they do it.

The largest part of the program consists of Beethoven’s much-loved Septet for Winds and Strings, Op. 20. All of the string instruments and most of the wind instruments are represented (yes, the horn is technically a brass instrument, but it is frequently used in pieces for winds, so it gets honorary status) in this massive piece. It has to be massive to give each instrument multiple times to shine, although arguably the true stars of the piece are the violin and the clarinet, here performed by Associate Principal Second Violin, Steven Li and (once again) the Assistant Principal Clarinet, Ivan Petruzziello. This work is a fine example of why Beethoven is considered one of the masters of classical music.

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