Spectrum Chamber Music Society is in an exciting period of growth as an organization!  In order to meet the positive challenges such an expansion brings, we count on the financial support of our Society members (that’s you!).

While some of the money we raise in donations goes toward expenses like marketing and publicity, the vast majority goes to compensating our artists for their time and talent. As our audience grows, we are able to increase the amount of this compensation.

Please give to Spectrum Chamber Music Society via PayPal by clicking on the “Donate” button below. You can also write a check to “Spectrum Chamber Music” and send it to the following address: Spectrum Chamber Music Society, 605 Willow Ridge Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76103.

Thank you for supporting Spectrum Chamber Music Society!

*Although Spectrum Chamber Music Society operates on a not-for-profit basis, we are not a registered 501(c)(3). Therefore, donations to us are currently not tax-deductible.