Cardboard Cutout Promotion

Help support Spectrum and turn yourself into a cardboard cutout.

Spectrum’s Extra-Special Cardboard Cutout Promotion

Baseball teams have come up with a unique way to fill their empty stands during this pandemic: Placing cardboard cutouts of their fans and players in the seats.

Well, here at the Spectrum Chamber Music Society, we miss our fans just as much as the Texas Rangers miss theirs. So we decided to do the same thing they did.

How would you like to have a cardboard cutout of your upper half placed in one of the seats for our livestream-only Spectrum events? There’s nothing sadder for a performer than to look out and see an empty house. But just imagine what an audience filled with cardboard cutouts would do for the musicians. To paraphrase the tag line to “Beatlemania”, “It’s not live humans, but an incredible simulation.“

We are offering this special deal to all our supporters who donate at least $75 to Spectrum, either by check or PayPal. Once you donate, you will receive an email from Spectrum (usually within 24 hours), asking for a photo of yourself. And when you reply with your photo, we will take care of the rest.

These cutouts will be seated in the audience for every Spectrum concert until it is safe for all of us to be there in person. (Hopefully it won’t take TOO long.) You will be able to see them at various times during the livestream events.

As if this idea isn’t already a fun way to support Spectrum, we’ve found a way to sweeten the pot: When we do finally get back together, we will give you your cutout, which will have a thank-you and signatures from the Spectrum artists, themselves. You can take it home and put it in a place of honor or sell it on eBay (with the signatures included, it will be a valuable piece of merchandise).

Because it usually takes over a week from order to arrival, the deadline to donate to guarantee you will be in the audience for the next livestream event is approximately 10 days before the concert.

We will continue this promotion for as long as we can’t be together in person.

Thank you for your support of Spectrum. We consider you to be special members of our Society.